Creed Cologne


Creed Cologne

We all know of designer colognes and perfumes that line the shelves but how many brands can say that they have catered and pleased stars and celebrities? Creed cologne is a win among those many bottles on the shelves and has pleased quite a number of famous people. To name a few there is Elvis Costello, Elvis Presley, Winston Churchill, King George, Michael Jackson and more. This is the fragrance for men review.

What is it about Creed cologne that is just so charming? It’s quite heavy on the scent so a small amount would do and it will last you through the day. This alone is a good enough reason for you to buy it because it’s a great value for money. As for the scent, it’s a masculine fragrance that’s meant to appeal to the older generation, definitely not catered for the younger ones.

It’s got the perfect blend of musk, amber, iris and citrus which comes from green mandarin and Sicilian lemon. Quite a peculiar combination but gives you a scent that you wouldn’t be able to resist, one that is actually quite unique among a crowd. So if you’d like to smell a little less like everyone else, give this one a try. Be a little adventurous and try out this brand though not as famous as others, you will see that it will bring you a little more attention that you ever got before.

Another plus about this scent is that it’s light enough for daytime use, masculine enough for a night out and absolutely perfect for a lazy evening. So it pretty much goes with whatever occasion or time of the day, not something you’d be able to find in most bottles these days. Creed cologne is an old timer’s brand, so you’ve got to trust something that has stuck around long enough to see times of today, right? There’s a reason it hasn’t been kicked off yet, so what are you waiting for?

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